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Lee Han Bin Pulls Off Stunning Upset Over The "King" of "Fantasy Boys"!

Lee Han Bin did the unthinkable! In a stunning upset over the reigning "king of Fantasy Boys", Hong Sung Min, for his "Spaceman" performance! Han Bin also received the producer benefit from Soyeon ((G)-Idle)! Let's take a look at his amazing victory!

Lee Han Bin is stunned when he finds out he beat Hong Sung Min!
Lee Han Bin is stunned when he finds out he beat Hong Sung Min!

Hong Sung Min is known as the "unbeatable Fantasy Boy" as he has topped the weekly K-pop idol survival show Fantasy Boys every single episode since the first week. Many fans, including us, couldn't believe that there was someone else on the show who could pull off this stunning upset! In an amazing turn of events and an epic performance done by Lee Han Bin, he was able to win the hearts of the Fantasy Makers and take down Hong Sung Min! Let's take a look at his great performance!

The "Spaceman" team included fellow rivals Hong Sung Min, K-Soul, Kim Gyu Rae, Santa, Hayato, and Ha Seok Hee). With so many of his fellow team members so popular, it was unfathomable to think that Lee Han Bin could pull off this upset. After the performance, as the judges evaluated the team and found out that he won, Han Bin looked in complete shock as his teammates gathered around him!

The "Spaceman" Team
The "Spaceman" Team

We believe that it was a very close contest between Hong Sung Min and Lee Han Bin. Any one of these two competitors could have come out as the best. After receiving the producer benefit from their mentor/producer Soyeon, it became clear that Han Bin was the victor this round!

Don't worry Hong Sung Min fans! He is in no danger of losing his number-one spot in the contest! We believe that he will eventually be one of the final Fantasy Boys in the end! Let us know what you think about this past week's episode! Did it shock you as well? Leave a comment!


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