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Singles Inferno 3 OR Holiday Friendship Island? [Latest Updates Ep 9!] PART 1

Updated: Jan 17

As you may know already Singles Inferno Season 3 is out and it's wilding!

If you don't know about it yet, don't worry! We've got you covered check out our article HERE.

Changed rules, changed locations, TWO infernos, and more!

Seven episodes have now been released and we are currently waiting for the last two to air and see the show's results!

For us, Season 3 seems more like a group of friends hanging out on an island. There are some aspects or prospects of romance but romance does not seem like the central focus. It seems more like a competition for attention rather than to find a genuine connection with another person. More increasingly we see as well people not expressing their emotions and with two episodes left we can't help but wonder if there will be people who don't want to choose any of the other contestants.

What has made this season interesting is the change in the rules and dynamics of the show, for instance, the two-hell plotline and sudden launches to paradise.

Here's a brief update on all the contestants so far:

Hye Seon - Our favorite girl so far, she seems the most natural and laidback. She appears to still be unsure but also perhaps stuck on Gwan Hee. We are proud of her for branching out and trying to talk to the other men but she doesn't seem to be clicking with the others at this stage and the confusion caused by Gwan Hee after their first trip to paradise may be the reason for this.

Gwan Hee - a lot of the viewers of this show have mixed opinions about Gwan Hee. Half think he's insanely attractive and half not at all. For us, the way Gwan Hee expressed his interest in three women at the same time threw us off, and his constant confusion about who he would choose made him seem very wishy-washy. He expresses himself differently in the group vs. when he is being interviewed on the camera alone and it seems awkward for any of the girls he has shown interest in if they watch it again and see what he has said about them and his interest in them. He starts to take care of Hye Seon a little during the girl's competition but again we're not sure because he also has the heart of Ha Jeong.

Gyu Ri - This girl didn't appear to have the best attitude initially, the way she interacts on camera makes you wonder if her intentions are true. It seems like Gyu Ri has a bit of interest in Min Woo at the moment but it's clear that Min Kyu is very interested in her but she is not maybe that interested in him. I think what the contestants express on camera both with the group and privately is very different from what's going on in their heads.

For Part 2 of this article and updates for the rest of the contestants stay tuned! Comment below to let us know your thoughts on Season 3!

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This season is not interesting at all . There is no pure connection . Everyone is switching their sides from one person to another. And Gwan hee is on another level , I didn't like his behaviour at all.

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