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K-Stars Win Big At Blue Dragon Film Awards

(Blue Dragon Film Awards, 2022)

Every year, South Korea celebrates its actors and actress from the year's standout dramas with the Blue Dragon Film Awards Ceremony. It is a star-studded event with actors, actresses, directors, and the country's top creatives all being celebrated. There are several awards from Best Actor to the night's most coveted award, Best Drama. This year's awards ceremony took place on July 19th and these are the top winners from the night!

(Blue Dragon Film Awards Show Livestream, 2022)

Popular singer, sometime actor, and idol Kai from Exo stunned fans by winning Best Male Entertainer. While he has acted in dramas before, Kai won this award for his role in a variety show called New World. He is still promoting for Exo and is due to perform at SMTOWN LIVE 2022.

(Blue Dragon Film Awards Show Livestream, 2022)

Lee Jung Jae won the best actor for his leading role in Squid Game. The drama shocked the world with its popularity, becoming the number 1 show on Netflix in the world. He is expected to reprise the role with its sequel coming out soon. Perhaps, he will win the award again next year?

(Blue Dragon Film Awards Show Livestream, 2022)

Kim Go Eun won Best Actress for her heartfelt performance in Yumi's Cells. Yumi Cells was a Rom-Com drama based on a popular webtoon about an animated woman who tries to revitalize her love cells after a breakup. It was one of the top dramas of the year, so it's not a surprise that she won.

(Twitter user @kdramatweets, 2022)

Jung Ho Yeon won best supporting actress for her popular role in Squid Game. The actress became an international sensation for her role, leading to several international campaigns and invites to several high-profile events. She is an up-incoming actress and long-time model who is becoming an international force for South Korea. The world is very interested in what roles she does next.

(Netflix, 2022)

The militaristic drama D.P. won the top award of the night for Best Drama. This was a limited 6-episode drama detailing a military troop during the mandatory enlistment of Korean males. It was praised for its portrayal of military life and the performances of its actors.

Have you seen this drama or any of the others that bore winners tonight? Please let us know your favorites!


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