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SMTOWN LIVE Finally Returns With Star-studded Line-up

(SM Entertainment, Facebook)

SM Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea. They have been debuting and managing idols for over 20 years. They have given rise to the biggest names in K-pop such as NCT, aespa, and EXO to name a few. Due to their massive collection of artists, they used to regularly have a huge concert called SMTOWN LIVE. SMTOWN or SM Family is the name for all of the artists under the company's umbrella, and so the name is also used for their collaboration concerts. These massive shows would take place all over the world and would sell out in minutes as each fandom fought for a chance to see their artists live.


Due to COVID-19, these concerts have been halted for over 3 years. Digital and hologram concerts have taken their place, but even these were on a smaller scale with some exclusively at their theater at the COEX mall. These concerts lacked the complete SMTOWN LIVE experience without the large crowds of fans with their light sticks and the swoons of fans watching different idol groups interact on stage. SMTOWN LIVE concerts also sported skits and special performances that fans would eagerly anticipate.

So, when SM Entertainment announced earlier this year that the concert series is coming back, people were excited, to say the least. And today, they finally announced the line-up and it's packed with artists. Aespa, EXO, Girls Generation, Kangta, Red Velvet, BoA, and NCT are just some of the artists performing on August 30 in Suwon. This is the first off-line concert of this size in a long-time, so we are heavily anticipating the turn-out. Let us know who you are most excited to see below!


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