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"Sweet Memories": Orange Bloodiversary - An Engene Gathering [Event Recap!]

Enhypen, known as one of the biggest 4th generation K-pop boy groups that consists of 7 members, namely Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki, celebrated their 3rd anniversary on November 30, 2023! We break down how Engene (Enhypen fandom) celebrated this momentous occasion!


To commemorate this milestone, DailyxLand, which consists of 7 individual fanbases, namely Yang Jungwon Daily, Lee Heeseung Daily, Jay Land, Sim Jake Daily, Sunghoon Land, Sunoo Land, and Ni-Ki Daily, has gathered ENGENE (fans) to celebrate it at SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall, in partnership with SM Mall of Asia, and collaboration with ENHYPEN Philippines, K-Fam Laguna, and Prod by Engene.

One of the highlights of this event is the huge photo wall that exhibits the boys in different


The event also exhibited the artistic creations of fans all over the world. From hand

paint drawings to digitally created artworks that exemplify how fans loved them.

"Sweet Memories" also included performances from Hyven, Æblast, and Principium which

made everyone ecstatic as they showed their dance covers of the iconic songs from


Hyven Performance

Æblast Performance

Principium Performance

From official merchandise, tarpaulins, and even life-size standees, cash prizes were also given away to the winners of Random Play Dance and Engene Got Talent care of our generous sponsors!

Random Play Dance
Random Play Dance

Engene Got Talent Contestant
Engene Got Talent Contestant

"Sweet Memories": Orange Bloodiversary - An Engene Gathering is

🔥 Brought to you by:

In Collaboration with: ENHYPEN Philippines and K-Fam Laguna

⚡️ In Partnership with: SM Mall Of Asia

Comment below on what should we participate in for the next Engene gathering!


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