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The BEST Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew) you will find in Seoul!

I have a confession to make. I have been gatekeeping the best (in my opinion) kimchi jjigae (김치찌개) restaurant in Seoul, well not really I've taken a few friends with me here but since I'm leaving Korea I'm going to share it with you all and share the joy and love I feel while sipping that jjigae.

Firstly, kimchi jjigae is a passion of mine. There's just something so heartwarming about drinking that hot soup on a cold or rainy day or any day for that matter.

Kimchi Jjigae is one of Korea's most notable broth-based dishes. It is excellently featured on the Netflix Documentary show A Nation of Broth episode 3! The show beautifully captures the essence of Korean cuisine in its broth-based dishes, by informing viewers of the histories behind the broths, and the ingredients and hard work that goes into the preparation of these soul-warming soups!

Here is a link to the trailer of the show:

I have tried and reviewed many many many places around Seoul but the one that has stolen my heart forever is:

Drum roll, please!

Sarang Dameun Braised Pork with Aged Kimchi Stew (사랑 담은 묵은지찜찌개 자양점) which actually translates to "Aged Kimchi Stew filled with Love, Jayang Branch"

Link to restaurant Naver Location:

This kimchi jjigae is made with aged kimchi which makes the flavor even richer and the meat (pork from which you can choose more fat or meat pieces) is tender and just works so well with the dish overall. The highlight of this dish for many is the ramyeon addition at the end!

You will not regret trying this place! The owners at the Jayang Branch are a very kind and friendly husband and wife! They are always smiling and welcoming! Oh, I forgot the banchan (반찬)! The side dishes work perfectly too (marinated garlic, red radish, and salted mung bean sprouts) alongside a warm bowl of rice. For only 10,000 won (USD 7.50), this place is a winner! There are also a few other branches around Korea!

Bubbling Kimchi JJigae with Ramyeon from 사랑 담은 묵은지찜찌개 자양점

Well, there you have it, the best kimchi jjigae in Seoul! If you get a chance to try it, let us know what you think in the comments below! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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