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The cast of Netflix's hit series "Queen of Tears" share hilarious secrets about each other!

Netflix's top non-English speaking show Queen of Tears is sweeping the globe! Not only is it number one in its native South Korea, but also on the streaming platform! Not only did the cast reveal some juicy secrets about each other, but they all gang up on Kim Ji Won's quirky must-haves and habits! Read on to find out more!

"She carries around these body massages that essentially have they look like this?" Kim Soo Hyun jokes about Kim Ji Won's must-have essential while filming! Netflix shares more about its hit show Queen of Tears as it asks its stellar cast to share interesting secrets about each other!

We didn't know Kim Soo Hyun loves:

  • meat of all kinds — beef, chicken, pork

  • when he's not eating meat outside, he's grilling it at home!

Kim Ji Won can't live without:

  • her portable massagers — she takes them everywhere she goes

  • snacks — she likes snacking in between scenes and loves to share them with the cast and crew!

Park Sung Hoon loves:

  • his dog! He even bought his dog an automatic feeder! So cute!

  • playing the villain! With positive feedback from his peers, playing the bad guy suits him better!

Kwak Dong Yeon shares his true self!

  • he loves boxing at the moment as it helps clear his mind

  • he wanted to play the child in the series since he got lots of attention from doing nothing!

Watch the whole video here!

Also, check out these very sweet behind-the-scenes moments between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won while filming!

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