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The Egyptian-South Korean Air Show Decorates the Sky of the Pyramids

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The South Korean Air Games team arrived at one of the Egyptian air bases for the participation of its counterpart from the Egyptian Air Force in the implementation of an air show at the foot of the pyramids, which was carried out under the name (Pyramids Air Show 2022) on the third of August.

The activities of the Egyptian-South Korean Air Show "Pyramids Air Show 2022", which is being carried out at the foot of the pyramids, with the participation of the South Korean air games team "Black Eagles", the Egyptian air games team "Silver Stars", the Egyptian team of Hell-Gazelle aircraft "Horus", and jumping teams The Free and Delta of the Egyptian Parachute Forces, and the Egyptian Military Musicians.

By "Egypt Times" news site

The South Korean Air Games "Black Eagles" team also reviewed their air shows by "T-B50" aircraft, followed by the implementation of air navigation shows and the formation of a group of flags by the free-jumping team of the Egyptian Parachute Forces, and the free-jumping team of the Egyptian Parachute Forces implemented Several parachute entanglement shows, and the performances included several artistic performances by military music.

By "Egypt Times" news site

The South Korean Black Eagles team was participating with several aircraft that were carrying out several distinguished air shows, in conjunction with the presentation of the Egyptian Silver Stars team and the Egyptian Hail Gazelle (Horus) aircraft with impressive air shows, as well as the presentation of elements of the Egyptian paratroopers. Several performances during the festival's activities, in addition to the participation of Egyptian military music with several patriotic pieces and plays accompanied by distinguished rhythmic movements.

● A dazzling air show over the pyramids during the Egyptian-South Korean air show (video) :

The air show was attended by the Ministers of Civil Aviation, Youth and Sports, Tourism and Antiquities, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Abbas Helmy, Commander of the Air Force, Major General Staff Harb Ayman Shehata, Assistant Minister of Defense, and several public figures and media professionals.

The parade was also attended by several commanders and officers of the armed forces, Major General Kong Seung Bae, the Korean Air Force's training and education officer, the South Korean ambassador, and the South Korean military attache in Cairo.

These offers come as an affirmation of the depth of friendship and cooperation relations between Egypt and South Korea.

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Merna Mahdali
Merna Mahdali
Nov 02, 2022

That was a great performance, I hope that means we'll get dates for world tours from Kpop groups 💜

Jon Lui
Jon Lui
Nov 03, 2022
Replying to

It's great promotion for Egypt and hopefully more K-pop concerts will go there soon!

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