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The finale of Shin Ha Kyun's "Evilive" will shock you! Why this drama is one of the best this fall!

What happens when the evil you swore to get rid of is the very thing that destroys you? Shin Ha Kyun's most recent crime/ thriller Evilive wasn't the most popular drama this fall, but we'll show you why it should be!

The finale of "Evilive" will shock you! (ENA)
The finale of "Evilive" will shock you! (ENA)

Wrapping up its 10-episode run on November 13, 2023, ENA's Evilive proved that even a not-so-popular drama can catch attention when you have a master actor at the helm in Shin Ha Kyun. As we revealed in our last post, Shin Ha Kyun was brilliant in his portrayal of a small-town detective in Beyond Evil (2021), and his style and character development are seen here in his new role as a struggling lawyer trying to make ends meet. We don't want to spoil too much for you, but we want to share why we loved this drama!

1. We all give in to temptation, but to what extent?

Disgusted with himself before he met baseball player turned crime lord, Seo Do Young (Kim Young Kwang), Han Dong Soo (Shin Ha Kyun) is given an opportunity he can't refuse. To the extent of losing the ones he loves, Dong Soo is faced with some terrible decisions that will plague the morally conscious: make a little money, but live a righteous life, or make a lot of money, but live as a criminal.

It was a pleasure to watch Shin Ha Kyun's character struggle with these inner thoughts as he navigates the safety of his family and himself out of the reaches of Seo Do Young. In the end, we finally find out what decision he has chosen, and it will shock you!

2. What causes a good-hearted lawyer to turn bad?

Still from episode 10 (ENA)
Still from episode 10 (ENA)

At the beginning of the series, Han Dong Soo is seen as a kind and gentle family man. He provides for his wife and daughter and takes care of his younger brother Han Beom Jae (Shin Jae Ha Taxi Driver 2 2023). But what happens to his personality and thinking as he is faced with so much money and power? As he partners up with crime lord Seo Do Young, we can see him struggling with his inner morals. This is very intriguing to watch and makes this series a winner!

3. The ending will shock you!

Shin Ha Kyun's character is a pleasure to watch! (ENA)
Shin Ha Kyun's character is a pleasure to watch! (ENA)

We're glad that this drama ended with only 10 episodes since it was packed with thrilling relationships, backstabbing, and tons of concealment! Every episode was an intense edge-of-your-seat type of drama that had us wanting more! The finale throws everyone for a loop as it ends in a shocker that you must see!

Comment below with your thoughts on this underrated drama! What did you like about it? What did you dislike? We want to hear from you!


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