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The Rise of TITANS, Cebu's Prominent Cover Group

TITANS, a dynamic cover group hailing from the vibrant city of Cebu, has been making waves in the local music and entertainment scene since their debut on July 24, 2022. Composed of ten exceptionally talented members, each bringing their unique flair and style to the group.

The members of TITANS include Jeon Cyruś, Vin Kolby, Jave Renzo, Gio Vanni, Dave, Sean Roven, Arben Jack, Jay Venz, Gelo, and Merlin.

Check them out in action!

Over the years, TITANS has garnered several notable achievements, solidifying their mark in the Cebu K-pop Dance Competion. From placing as the 2nd Runner up in the Cebu K-pop Kraze, to being awarded as the Best New Male Group of the Year at the 2022 Cebu Cover Gayo Awards.

The group has also garnered attention from mainstream media, being featured and interviewed on platforms such as CNN Philippines and GMA 7. TITANS' popularity continues to grow, with their charisma and talent earning them accolades like the Most Charismatic Group of the Year at the 2023 Cebu Cover Gayo Awards.

As TITANS continue to make their mark in the K-pop cover scene, their passion and dedication to their craft set them apart as a truly exceptional group. With a bright future ahead, Titans are poised to achieve even greater heights.



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