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5 Must-Watch School K-dramas At the Start of A New School Year!

Korea is big on high school love and everything in between which includes dressing up in cute couple uniform outfits at the mall and sharing on social media! Let's run through some interesting school K-dramas worth watching as a new Korean school year begins this month!

1. The Heirs

This movie definitely trended and is worth re-watching. We saw how Lee Min Ho starred in this movie with Park Shin Hye alongside Choi Jin Hyuk. This centered on class segregation in school, privileged high school students who had family businesses to take over. After Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) and his brother Kim Tan(Lee Min Ho) fought over the possession of the family business, Kim Tan then leaves for America and finds his love, Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). As faith would have it, Cha Eun Sang ends up in the same house and school as Kim Tan back in Korea.

2. Love Alarm

I could go on and on about this movie but I have decided to make it short and simple!

This movie is about a love triangle between three high school students: Song Kang (Hwang Sun Oh), Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) and Jung Ga Ram (Lee Hye Yeong) that live in society influenced by a love app that could tell whoever had feelings for you!

This movie was so great we all anticipated for season 2!

A must watch ya'll!

3. Boys Over Flowers

This series definitely brought K-dramas into the limelight as far as I can remember.

It starred Lee Min Ho who played Goo Joon Pyo , Koo Hye Sun (Geum Jan Di) and Kim Yhun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo).

Geum Jan Di attends a school for the elite and falls in love with one of the richest boy in a group of four. There was definitely a lot of drama including a love triangle, class discrimination and everything in between!

4. Reply 1988

This drama takes us back to the year 1988 in a high school setting which centers on a family of five living in the same neighborhood . The main characters were portrayed by Sung Deok Sun, Ryu Jun Yoel, Park Bo Gum, Lee Hye Ri and Lee Dong Hwi. This drama is everything and more from the plot to the amazing soundtrack!

5. Extraordinary You

Let's end the list with a comic book based drama played by Kim Hye Yoon who decided to change the plot of the movie to find the love of her life. Ha Ru (Rowoon), Lee Jae Wook played the main characters in the movie.

I definitely enjoyed listing and wish I could continue, but in the main time let's try focus on these dramas! Let us know which drama you love to re-watch or think is worth watching!


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