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Top Fantasy Boy Yu Jun Won Kicked Out! What Happened??

Riding on the cusp of a much-anticipated debut, the winner of the most-watched K-pop survival program Fantasy Boys, Yu Jun Won, shook the K-pop community! Announced on August 23, 2023, Funky Studio, the production company of the show, and Pocketdol Studio, the management company, announced his unauthorized departure! We break down these shocking details! Read on to find out more!

Yu Jun Won (Kpopping)
Yu Jun Won (Kpopping)

After announcing their September debut and releasing behind-the-scenes images of their first single M/V concept, Fantasy Boys fans woke up to some very disturbing and shocking news! As the leader and winner of the K-pop survival show Fantasy Boys which ended two months ago, Yu Jun Won has been released by both the production and management company! Here's the statement by Funky Studio regarding the release:

"Yu Jun Won, who was selected as the debut group Fantasy Boyz through "Boy Fantasy," will not be able to join the group due to unauthorized departure."

"We discussed the contract with Yu Jun Won and Yu Jun Won's parents more than a dozen times right after the end of the program," the company said. "Despite the fact that it was written in accordance with the standard terms and conditions established and recommended by the Fair Trade Commission, Yu Jun Won's parents asked for an increase in the profit distribution rate."

Yu Jun Won and Fantasy Boys performance (Naver News)
Yu Jun Won and Fantasy Boys performance (Naver News)

The company added that they cannot handle this issue of payment equality every time if each member were to be paid depending on their final ranking on the show. The agency continued, "We will do our best to solve the problem smoothly, and we will spare our full support so that the remaining 11 members can prepare for their debut without wavering."

This is very shocking since Yu Jun Won was voted the most popular and talented among all the contestants as well as acting as the leader of the group! Comment below with your thoughts about this situation! Should each member be paid according to their final ranking? Or should all members be paid equally?

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