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Shocking "Fantasy Boys" Finale Rankings! Who Won??

In a fierce final battle between Team Hong Sung Min <Shut Off> (7 members) and Team Yu Jun Won <Gesture> (13 members), Fantasy Makers were in for a shocking surprise as the top two members of the show squared off head-to-head in a performance showdown! Let's take a look at what happened in the season finale of Fantasy Boys and who won first place!

In an epic performance by both teams, it was Team, Hong Sung Min who won the team battle with 2282 points while Team Yu Jun Won had 1746 points! Sung Min was very shocked when he heard the results since the group only had seven members versus a very good Jun Won team with 13 members. This also meant that all members of Team Sung Min received benefits.

Team Hong Sung Min was able to upset Team Yu Jun Won for their epic performance. (MBC)
Team Hong Sung Min was able to upset Team Yu Jun Won for their epic performance. (MBC)

Team Yu Jun Won did their best in the end with an amazing performance as well. (MBC)
Team Yu Jun Won did their best in the end with an amazing performance as well. (MBC)

You can watch each group's performances here!

In a touching finale, all the boys remaining received messages and home-cooked meals as they shared a memorable experience with their rivals as well as their mothers. Many of the boys haven't seen their families in a long time, so it brought tears to everyone's eyes.

And finally, with a BTS-esque final performance by all the contestants, it was time to name the final 12 members! Check out this heartfelt ballad to the producers and Fantasy Makers!

Here are your final 12 Fantasy Boys rankings!

12. Kaedan

This was surprising as Kaedan beat Taeseon as well as Moon Hyun Bin for the final spot!

11. Hikaru

Hikaru was filled with emotion as his name was called. He definitely deserves to be one of the debut members for all his hard work!

10. Kim Woo Seok

Woo Seok slowly moved up to the top of the rankings and placed third in the semi-finals.

9. K-Soul

We can't deny that K-Soul was definitely going to make the final 12, but where? Now we know! With his charm and skills, K-Soul will have a great career as an idol!

8. Hikari

Hikari's position at number eight is well-deserved as his vocal range and dance moves were excellent in his final performance!

7. Kang Min Seo

Min Seo was the a surprising pick since he was previously ranked at 11 during the semi-finals.

6. Ling Qi

Ling Qi continues to improve every week and his Korean is getting better! We can see his perseverance and hard work are paying off!

5. Lee Han Bin

Han Bin impressed everyone with his "Spaceman" performance two weeks ago. He continues to improve and we can't wait to see his full potential!

4. Oh Hyeon Tae

Hyeon Tae was probably the most surprising announcement since he placed 14th in the semi-finals! Although we feel that there were other members who should've gotten his spot, we wish him the best of luck in the future!

3. Hong Sung Min

Sung Min was the "king" of Fantasy Boys for the majority of the season. We had no doubt that he would make the final 12. But, we were definitely surprised that he didn't end up winning first place!

2. Kim Gyu Rae

Quiet and humble, Gyu Rae was just as surprised as the rest of us as his name was announced as the top three boys! He has continued to improve astoundingly every week and we can't wait to see his debut!

And the winner of Fantasy Boys goes to...

1. Yu Jun Won

Jun Won proved that he can be a great leader in the finale as he was able to correct his team's mistakes. Because there were so many members (13) it was difficult to assign parts, but Jun Won pushed through as a great leader and made a great performance!

The final 12 members have decided that their group debut name will be "Fantasy Boys"! They have even created their new logo!

Let us know which boy you were rooting for to be in the top 12! What surprises did you experience in the finale? Let us know in the comments below!



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