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TWICE's Nayeon is poised to be this year's "Summer Queen" with the drop of her new solo mini-album "NA"

TWICE's Nayeon is poised to dominate the music industry this summer with her new mini-album "NA" dropping tomorrow! We explain why Nayeon will be hailed this year's "Summer Queen"!

Armed with new music and a fashion style reminiscent of a pop diva from the early 2000s, TWICE's Nayeon will once again show her unique charm and beauty through her new mini-album scheduled to drop tomorrow, Friday, June 14, 2024, at 1 PM KST. The title track "ABCD" has flavors from the early 2000s sprinkled all over and we love her for that! Bring back the 2000s!

Holding a press conference on the afternoon of June 13 at the Sofitel Ambassador Hotel in Jamsil, Seoul, Nayeon explained, "I've made a lot of bold and different attempts," adding, "You'll see me grow to the next level."

 "I've made a lot of bold and different attempts," adding, "You'll see me grow to the next level." — Nayeon, on her new album "NA"

As the title of her new mini-album indicates "NA" (meaning I or me in Korean. As well as her name) will focus on expressing herself as a solo artist and her creativity. Following a dramatic change in both musical genre and fashion, "NA" will be a bold move as the title track "ABCD" follows this year's fashion "Y2K" trend.

For Nayeon, who was born in 1995, it was not easy to understand the "Y2K" era, but her producer Park Jin Young, served as her advisor, encouraging her to watch a lot of pop artists during that era. "I didn't understand it well because I was young," she said. "Producer Park Jin Young advised me to watch a lot of pop artist videos, so I was inspired by watching and listening to related videos."

"It's a style of music from the early 2000s, so I tried to bring out the mood a lot. More than anything, I thought I should express my choreography and costume style well. I was really attracted to this song when I was receiving nominations for several songs to include in the album. It's also good to express with dance, so I thought, 'This is it'."

Let's show support for Nayeon as she continues to inspire and evolve as a solo artist! Comment below with your thoughts on "NA" and the title track "ABCD"!

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