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Fashion Feature: Unique Clothing Brands in South Korea! Featuring ECLIPSE FASHION!

Updated: Mar 22

South Korea is a haven for beauty and fashion. If you have watched K-dramas or listened to K-pop it's clear to see the impact that Korean beauty and fashion have on Korean society and more so globally! Trends here are vast and range from elegant chic to Y2K as we saw last year and many more! This article series explores a few out there and innovative local brands that you may not have seen or heard of before!

Eclipse Fashion

In this article, we eagerly present to you Eclipse Fashion! We interviewed the founder and creator of Eclipse Fashion so you could know a little bit more about them and their epic journey in the fashion world!


Jay Eclipse

This brand embodies ANIME. GOKU. DRAGONBALL. MARTIAL ARTIST LIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS. What are they known for? Their PANTS! Read more about who Eclipse is below:

Introduction from owner Jay Eclipse.

"My personal brand is Eclipse and currently, our sub-company is Eclipse Clothing also known as "Eclipse Fashion". My name is Jay Eclipse."

What inspired you to start your brand and create it the way it is?

Lisa Bricmont (left) and Luno Kim (Photo: Antonia Giordano @antonia_creative_services)
Lisa Bricmont (left) and Luno Kim (Photo: Antonia Giordano @antonia_creative_services)

"As a dancer and as an individual I found that the traditional clothing we wear in the West is very boring. Jeans?? I mean really....JEANS?!! In school I found them to be very stiff, and uncomfortable and I certainly can't wear jeans naked...which I don't like haha. Also as a dancer, I can't really perform moves the way I want to so I was always looking for alternatives growing up." 

"What ultimately inspired me to create Eclipse was witnessing the unique fashion of many anime and cartoons such as Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, etc. I wanted to bring their actual style to life and not in a stiff or discount style type cloth that feels very plastic, which many of the costumes feel like for cosplayers; They never feel real or natural at all.

Additionally, I felt as though cosplay clothes as well as most fashion are really obvious and stand out from the norms in a very obnoxious way. Characters like Sora in Kingdom Hearts wear very different clothing than normal and yet seem so natural hence the appeal to cosplay them."

"I want Eclipse to have a class and elegance that signals to anyone witnessing Eclipse Fashion that "this person is in a class of their own".

"Finally, my inspiration also came from dancers such as Les Twins and a rapper named Hopsin. Les Twins wore ALOT of jewelry and switched their pants on backwards. Hopsin was the only rapper to wear contacts as well as clothing that was out of the norm. Most dancers that specialized in Poppin always wore baggy clothes and b-boys/b-girls wore very athletic type clothing. What made me stand out the most while street dancing and dancing in competitions was my very unique style!"

"Any influencers out there looking to become a positive movement in the world, HAVE to find a way to separate themselves from the crowd.  Your clothing is the easiest way to do that."

What do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes? 

"We want people to feel flashy yet classy, masculine and feminine, real yet otherworldly, sophisticated and silly. That's what ECLIPSE IS! The mix of the light and dark. We want those who wear Eclipse to feel comfortable. Not only comfortable in themselves but in their clothing. Casual clothes should feel comfortable to wear in the house and outside and that's the vision for Eclipse as we grow."

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? 

Osiris Santos (Photo: Antonia Giordano @antonia_creative_services)
Osiris Santos (Photo: Antonia Giordano @antonia_creative_services)

"The future is very bright for Eclipse. The world as a whole is moving away from jeans, work boots, and plain t-shirts because the world is moving away from traditional jobs and extreme conservatism. The world is opening up in a way it never had before and so is our clothing! Eclipse Clothing wants to expand from just our signature harem pants to signature Eclipse jewelry, shoes like you've never seen before and so much more! We're thinking shoes today feel too tough on the sides. The bottom should remain flat and strong but shoes with the material and design of a bubble jacket are just one kind of style we want to bring to life."

If your brand could throw a party, who would be on the guest list (fictional and real) and what kind of vibe would it have? 

"Sora from Kingdom Hearts, future Trunks(DBZ), SS4 Gogeta (DBZ), Broly (pre-transformation) Huey (boondocks) Spike (Cowboy Bebop) Tyler the creator (artists), G-Dragon (artist), Brandon Josh (Influencer), Hopsin (rapper), Les Twins (dancers), Ahifondaniel (dancer), dancer_mini, Create_0614 (DJ), Dogs & cats, all animals, Chriskdyt (photographer), Antonia Giordano (photographer), Jenny Park (model), vadim.psm (influencer) mosab_a9 (influencer), hair_like_snow (model), Km_troxa (model), Cucumber_14376 (model),  lunokim (model), beaglecheoreom (model), swkdal (model) pretty._.birdy (influencer),  Gabriella Ratnarajah (icon), and the party would be at a hotel in space with a view that's just OUT OF THIS WORLD."

Where can I buy Eclipse's amazing products?

Eclipse in the real world

You can check out their website HERE.

For their Instagram page check them out HERE.


So bold, so forward, and futuristic! We love the vision that Eclipse Fashion has and we are looking forward to seeing the brilliant things they will achieve in the future! For more fashion features check out our website!

Do you love Eclipse Fashion like we do? How would you style their clothing? Comment your thoughts below!


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