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TWICE's Nayeon unveils new clip and release schedule for her upcoming solo mini album "NA"

TWICE's Nayeon unveils a new clip and release schedule for her upcoming solo mini album "NA". We cover everything you need to know!

Nayeon's solo career has been highly anticipated, and her promotional activities for her mini album "NA" will kick off Thursday, May 16th, 2024 with the release of the new album's tracklist. She will then drop a trailer for the album on Saturday, May 18th, 2024, concept photos from May 20th to 30th, and teaser videos for the title track from June 10th to 12th. The spread-out dates will leave fans eager to find out more about the album and hopefully, the wait and teasers are worth waiting for!

Photo: Aboutmusic (Twitter)
Photo: Aboutmusic (Twitter)

So why call the mini album "NA"? Well, "NA" is not only the first syllable of her Korean name, but it also means "me" in Korean, so the title "How to fall in love with NA" means "How to fall in love with me" which we think is an interesting word play for her first solo debut!

So what are people saying about her album? Let's find out!

Nayeon previously clinched the spotlight with her solo debut album "IM NAYEON" in June 2022, and the album entered a total of 18 Billboard charts, which is not bad for a first solo album, along with hitting No.7 on the Billboard 200 with its title track "POP".

We think her clever wordplay for the album will leave listeners feeling familiar with her and we cannot wait until the album releases!

Comment below with your thoughts on Nayeon's new mini-album!


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