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Learn Korean From TWICE's "Set Me Free"!

TWICE has done it again! Their latest comeback with the song “SET ME FREE” was amazing as expected! Let's dive into the song's meaning!

Today we're going to learn some Korean words from the "SET ME FREE" song.

At first we're going to show you how to pronounce the song sentences :

🎵 모든 걸 잃어버린대도 상관없어 🎵

I want you to give all and I don't care if I lose


Modeun geol ileobeorindaedo sanggwan eopseo

🎵 지금 이 감정이 순간이라 해도 🎵

Even if this emotion is a moment

Jigeum I gamjeongi sunganira haedo

🎵 이제는 더 이상 내 맘 숨기긴 싫어 🎵

I don't wanna hide my feeling for you anymore

Ijeneun deo isang nae mam sumgigin sileo

🎵 니 눈빛이 날 자유롭게 만들잖아 🎵

The way your eyes look at me is set me free

Ne nunbichi nal jayuropge mandeuljana

🎵 의식하지 말고 날 안아줘 🎵

don't pay attention to the others and come to hold me

Uisikaji malgo nal anajwo

🎵 더는 잃을 것도 숨길 것도 없어 🎵

cause I have nothing to hide anymore

Deoneun ileul geotdo sumgil geotdo eopseo

Now we're going to give you the meaning of some words with an example that you can use in real life :




What were the most useful words for you?

Every time TWICE releases something, their fans feel like they’ve outdone themselves. Do you guys want a learning Korean lesson part 2 from this song? Everything this girl group seems to touch turns to gold nowadays, if you have any other recommendations for songs let us know in the comments!

5 comentarios

Thanks for your teaching , the lyrics is beautiful I like 니 눈빛이 날 자유롭게 만들잖아 so much

Me gusta

such a beautiful song

Me gusta

15 may 2023

I love this one "이제는 더 이상 내 맘 숨기긴 싫어"

Me gusta

Grecia Miranda
Grecia Miranda
13 abr 2023


Me gusta

3 pic ones are going to be useful!

Me gusta
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