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WayV releases "New Ride" track video + eclectic new video!

It has been announced that WayV (a subunit of NCT) will be releasing "New Ride" which is a track video and eclectic teaser, and fans cannot wait! Here's all the details!

Along with the track video, WayV also shared a new set of eclectic teaser images for their upcoming 5th mini album, "Give Me That", which you can check out below! 

Let's check out the teaser!

We have managed to find out the tracklist!

  1. "Give Me That"

  2. "She A Wolf"

  3. "Might As Well"

  4. New Ride"

  5. "Don't Get Mad"

  6. "Give Me That" (Korean ver.)

I think the number of songs on the album is good, and I cannot wait to listen to them all! The eclectic images published for "Give Me That" show the members of Wayv in various decorations, ranging from futuristic scenes to natural landscapes.

Now in terms of the song, I think that the vocals sound great in the teaser video and I think that it was also nice to hear Hendery sing for a bit as well, which has not been done in the past as much.

WayV's return with "Give Me That", which dropped on June 3, 2024 has already received great feedback.

In my opinion I think the video is described as a Pop R&B piece combining a luminous guitar riff and a bass 808 lived up to the hype. The lyrics depict a romantic moonlight ride with a loved one. I really get this feel from the video concept is really unique and I cannot wait to see the outcome of the full video. For now, the teaser photos have left me wanting more I think mainly because of the cool futuristic costumes and designs that they have going on!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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