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We dive deep into the brain of BTS's leader, RM, in his new single "Lost"!

Satire, wordplay, and humorous, BTS's leader, RM released his new single "Lost" from his latest album "Right Place, Wrong Person" and we're here to decode it! Read on to dive into the mind of the intricate world of Namjoon!

Dropping on Friday, May 24, 2024, RM's new single "Lost" has garnered much attention as it dives into the intricate brain of BTS's frontman, RM (Namjoon)! Playing with satire, humor, and wordplay, we dissect this new single and what we think is a masterpiece and work of art! Let's take a look at the video first!

Not taking himself too seriously, we see RM playing multiple characters in the M/V. Combined with some lighthearted jokes (although he doesn't smile at all during the whole video), we can look into the mind of Namjoon!

There are multiple scenes in the M/V where we see RM climbing up, with the help of his similarly dressed friends. We believe this represents all the people behind the scenes as well as BTS and his family and friends who supported him during his rise to stardom.

We can also see RM's sense of humor and style as we follow multiple characters throughout the video, who also are not smiling. Taking place in an older office space, we can see Namjoon becoming "lost" in his own thoughts with a million things going on at the same time. This is reflected in the "sound" of "Right Place, Wrong Person" as the album begins to take shape with the acoustic guitar being at the forefront of most songs along with a simple upbeat beat in the background.

Not to mention "Lost" is completely in English, we feel that RM is focusing his efforts on his global audience (ARMY). We can't wait to see more singles from "Right Place, Wrong Person" as we peel back the layers of Namjoon!

Comment below with your thoughts on "Lost" and give us your interpretation of the music video!


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