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We;Na releases teaser for "Baby Step"! Here's what you need to know!

We;Na released the teaser for their new single "Baby Step" and here is everything YOU need to know about it!

Like the title, it features an uplifting vibe with the members gathered around a globe in all smiles. The video teaser looks fun and the outfits and chemistry of the girls make us want to get up and dance around the house. Could this be a spring bop? Yes, we think so!

Photo: Kpop Drama
Photo: Kpop Drama

The group We;Na, is made up of four members, (Doa, Euna, Yeonseo, Wony), formerly known as the Clip, unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming song, "Baby Step".

"Baby Step" marks a new chapter for We;Na, because it is their first outing since their name change and their passage to RBCA. Fans are impatient to discover the musical direction that the group will take with this new song. However, as its title suggests, it releases a positive atmosphere, the members being gathered around the globe, all smiling and all dancing.

Let's check out the teaser below!

What do we think?

I think the focus on the globe in the teaser video, also focuses on a bigger goal that the band may have, which is to top the charts globally, instead of focusing on the domestic market. I think it will be interesting to see the direction in which they go. This single could be a great comeback for the band, and lead to bigger opportunities, however, the entertainment market in Korea is competitive and saturated at the moment.

Their new comeback "Baby Step" will be released into the charts on May 15th, 2024 KST at noon.

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