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Travis Scott Releases "KPOP" & Fans Are Confused! We Break Down The Reasons!

Arguably the biggest rapper on the planet, Travis Scott, has released "KPOP" off his upcoming fourth studio album "Utopia", but has K-pop fans confused! We break down the song's meaning and what K-pop fans are saying!

Travis Scott's upcoming fourth studio album "Utopia" is scheduled to be released on July 28, 2023. The rapper has released his first single "KPOP" in collaboration with Bad Bunny and The Weeknd, and already has 5.5 million views over the first couple of days. However, K-pop fans on Twitter are confused about the song's meaning and why it doesn't sound anything like the musical genre!

According to Genius: Song Lyrics Finder, the term "KPOP" is a shortened term describing a lollipop containing ketamine, a strong anesthetic drug that can cause the user hallucinations! The lollipop is also boldly featured in the rapper's single poster.

As we dive further into the song's lyrics we find out that the song has little reference to the musical genre and is more about each singer's and rapper's preference for women through psychedelic expressions. The song also has a samba beat which Bad Bunny's style is known for.

Many K-pop fans are saying that Travis Scott is using the musical genre as "clout" and that they "knew exactly what they were doing" (when they named the song). Here's what fans said:

"Utterly disingenuous ploy to create a buzz which has worked since we are giving it the time of day."

"They mentioned "korean" tho, just for clout."

"Thanks. I was like why are they singing about K-pop? Should I be offended?"

"I genuinely can‘t comprehend some of these comments, how can ANYONE let alone some of the biggest artists atm seek clout by naming a song based on a genre (which they didn‘t even do based on the explanation). So if a Kpop band made a song called „RAP“ is that also clout chasing?"

So what are your thoughts about this confusing, yet seeming to work strategy? Are you for other artists borrowing K-pop's "clout" as a way to get eyes and ears on them? Comment below!

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Amber Kiely
Amber Kiely
Aug 15, 2023

They definitely are lol Kpop is a trend not just a genre they know that

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