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We're digging Ahn Bo Hyun's cocky bad boy cop image in new action drama "Flex X Cop"! Here's why!

Renting out a whole mall to play real-life cops and robbers? No problem! Ahn Bo Hyun returns as a badass chaebol cop who uses his connections to catch the bad guys. We break down this new action/detective drama that just released!


A little bit of Batman vigilante vibes, Ahn Bo Hyun's new drama Flex X Cop introduces us to a 3rd generation chaebol (extremely rich) son, Jin Yi Soo (Ahn Bo Hyun See You in My 19th Life 2023), who is more into the streets than the board room. When he partners up with veteran detective, Lee Gang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun Reborn Rich 2022), friction The new action/detective drama from SBS premiered on January 26 and we're excited to share with you why we're watching!

A bad decision turns into a career move!

Partying and hanging out with rich buddies every night seems like life right? For Jin Yi Soo, it's just another day as a chaebol's son of Hansu Group. Until one night he gets arrested for assault on a murderer that changes his life!

After being disowned by his father, Chairman of Hansu Group, because of his assault charges and night in prison, Lee Gang Hyun returns to the scene of the assault and, just as Yi Soo claimed, finds the knife he was attacked with. Turns out the unconscious victim that Yi Soo attacked was the murderer Gang Hyun and her team were trying to arrest!

In order to maintain the dignity of the police and also their father's announcement for his mayoral candidacy of Seoul, Yi Soo's older brother, Jin Seung Joo (Kwak Si Yang Cafe Minamdang 2022), suggests to the Police Chief that his brother be employed by the police right away as a special investigator since Yi Soo already has a lawyer's license. (Only in K-dramaland could we fathom this being possible!)

Annoyed that this situation has been swept under the rug by higher-ups and disgusted by the "spoiled rich guy" persona, Lee Gang Hyun is skeptical that this will work. The next day, Gang Hyun is in for a surprise because guess who shows up to work with a red carpet and a band? Jin Yi Soo!

(Bro showed up to his first day of work with a red carpet and a band. We just can't stop laughing!)

The chemistry will be insane!

We can't wait for this series to take off! We're not sure which direction it will go. Will it be more of a comedy or more action/drama? Ahn Bo Hyun's character is cocky, but he can back it up. Plus, we feel that his face is perfect for a rich bad-boy character! How will his attitude affect his chemistry with his team, especially with Lee Gang Hyun? Let us know your thoughts on this series so far in the comments below!


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