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What we think about Kep1er's cinematic new M/V "Shooting Star"!

We don't know about you, but we're mega excited for Kep1er's new music video "Shooting Star"! We think the title ''Shooting Star'' makes it feel fresh and futuristic, and many fans have taken to social media and said the same! Let's take a look!

Photo: Kep1er's -
Photo: Kep1er's -

Reminiscent of the title "Shooting Star," the released video intersects the shining stars and meteors, and the shining visuals of each member, giving a strong impact. In particular, the shape of two hands surrounded by light appeared, raising questions about the full version of the music video, which was hidden under the veil. but soon to be released. If you ask us, we think the hush-hush over the music video creates more excitement so we think they are doing it right.

Let's check out the teaser below!

We think the girls hit the spot in terms of their dance moves and concept, as it was simple but elegant and left us wanting more! We did however notice that there seemed to be too many members in the group, and although there were close-up shots of each member, we don't think we would recognize any of them if they passed us on the street.

Here's the full video!

We touched on the oversaturated market in another article, and we think that this is evident in this group's music video. We did think that the red and black backdrops made the girls look elegant and it gave the music video an edge over their competitors ones that we have recently seen. However, lyrically, we think the song could have had more meaning behind it to keep us listening for longer.

After watching the video, we stand by there being too many members in the band, however, we did think the choreography and beat worked well together with the girls' dance moves, though it has already been done before right?

After renewing their contracts with their entertainment agencies, the nine girls will soon release some new music. "Shooting Star" was released on June 3 at 6 PM KST. What do you think of Kep1er's new single?

Let us know your thoughts on the summer comeback in the comments below!


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