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Where was Jungkook camping located!?

Jungkook from BTS was the protagonist of a new vlog for the official channel of BANGTAN TV. The maknae of the group took the opportunity to go to the beach and have a small camp for himself, where he shared several moments with ARMY.

Jungkook's camping vlog is so warm and full of happiness: seeing Jungkook smiling, having fun, eating, cooking, driving, singing, and playing with the bonfire. Just the fact that he finds joy in simple things makes my heart grow very fond!

Here is the full episode:

Jungkook's camping vlog location sign with the words "[Jungkook [BTS Vlog .]

Camping Vlog Vlog Shooting Site" is also shown around the camping site.

The camping site is located at Songjiho Beach in, Geseong Gangwon-do, South Korea!!

Here are some of BTS ARMY's tweets :

Did you see the full episode? Have you ever gone to this location where Jungkook was filming his vlog?

What was your reaction? Let us know!


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