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Why is New Jeans' new single "Bubble Gum" making headlines? We find out!

Netizens are discussing the recent debate concerning K-pop girl group NewJeans for their recent single "Bubble Gum". Here's what happened!

"Bubble Gum" is the third promotional song released on April 27, 2024, as a pre-release for their second single album "How Sweet" which is due to be released on May 24, 2024.


The video for the single released two weeks ago, showed the girls playing board games, being silly in a café and running on the beach. The video creates fun vibes that can be a distraction from the daily grind especially that of Korean work culture.

Let's check out the video below:

As you can see the video has been a big hit, already reaching over 32 million views globally and the music video has ranked fifth on YouTube's global weekly popular music videos and charts!

In particular, the music video of this song is characterized by lyrical visual beauty and natural storytelling, not just performance-oriented. It is more meaningful in that it is not a video that is watched dozens or hundreds of times to imitate the choreography, but a music video that shines with NewJeans' music sensibility itself and can perhaps be said a true reflection of the new Korean society and young society around the world, which has helped it's success!


The fact that the music video for "Bubble Gum" contains the pure and harmless charms of the New Jeans members, is what we enjoyed the most about it. The members seen on the screen, look like they were taken with a camcorder, gather in a house that smells like summer, and laugh and talk.

The scene of running and dancing freely in white clothes on the blue beach portrays a beautiful scene of youth. Objects and dim visual beauty that remind us of childhood memories such as camcorders, VHS tapes, bubble gum, old fans, and beads have created sophisticated sensibilities beyond retro, and are well received by a wide range of age groups can also bring back nostalgia for many people.

We think that this is exactly the reason why "Bubble Gum" has reached headlines and attracted many others, that might not be NewJeans fans!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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