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NewJeans: Should they really terminate their contracts?

As you may have heard, the K-Pop girl group NewJeans is considering terminating their contracts with HYBE and ADOR, but is it worth it?

You have probably heard the news about the K-Girl group New Jeans during the past couple of weeks, and of course, the news has divided opinions.

Photo: New Jeans.
Photo: New Jeans.

NewJeans is currently stuck in the middle of HYBE and ADOR‘s very public feud as HYBE management and ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin battle over control of ADOR and its assets. HYBE has accused Min Hee Jin of trying to gain control of the management rights of ADOR, while Min Hee Jin denied the accusation. She retaliated with allegations that she had filed internal complaints about ILLIT plagiarizing NewJeans. Now if you did not know, ADOR and HYBE have had recent conflicts regarding the girl band, however, HYBE does hold an 80% stake in ADOR, which as a result that power means that HYBE can replace board members, and directors in their favor if they deem necessary.

While the truth is still unclear, some feel that her sudden accusation of plagiarism may have been done in a bid to avoid paying the hefty penalty fees for breaking of the contracts. Not only would she have to pay NewJeans’ contract-breaking fee if she wants to take them with her, but she would also have to pay the fees for breaking her own employment contract with HYBE.

Photo: New Jeans
Photo: New Jeans

New Jeans HAS CONFIRMED a comeback in May despite the HYBE & ADOR drama which has been highly publicized.

The K-POP band IS also due to release a new single on May 24th domestically in Korea, and then internationally in Japan on June 21, 2024. The tracks "Supernatural" and "Right Now" are set to be a big success.

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