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3 Islands You Must Visit On Your Next Trip To South Korea

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

South Korea is so much more than its enormous global K-pop and K-drama presence. The East Asian tiger offers a lot of astonishing sceneries to discover. As a peninsula surrounded by bodies of water, you can not run out of islands to visit on your next trip. Here are 3 islands you should add to your travel bucket list!

Geoje Island.

1. Jeju Island

Jeju Island.

The infamous volcanic island is home to South Korea's tallest mountain, Mt. Halla, longest lava tunnel in the world, and the Jeju Stone Park. Also dubbed "the Hawaii of Korea" there are plenty of activities to experience and sights to see. Ingredients of many Korean skincare products are also found here so its a haven for skincare enthusiasts. To complete your travel experience in Jeju don't forget to try the iconic Hallabong tangerine.

2. Geoje Island

Windy Hill at Geoje.

South Korea's second largest island is next on our list. Geoje can offer both mesmerizing sight of a grassy hill and a serene view of the blue ocean. The island also holds a significant value in Korean history, serving as a command for naval battles in the area during the Japanese invasion. Geoje is also a great place for trekking. A walk at Hakdong Mongdol pebbled beach's acupressure rocks along the shore can definitely assuage your feet after a long day of strolling.

3. Ulleungdo


Did you know that this island is the snowiest place in the entire South Korean peninsula? Well, aside from that interesting fact it is also home to diverse ecology with silvery grasslands, cedar wood forests, and breathtaking rock formations to discover. Traveling from the mainland to Ulleungdo may not be a walk in the park, but it is absolutely worth visiting!

Which among our recommended islands to visit enthralled you the most? Let us know what activities are you planning to do there!


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