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After One Month, New "It Girls" NewJeans Tops Charts & Shows!

(ADOR, 2022)

Everyone has been talking about NewJeans, the new girl group from HYBE's new ADOR label. This girl group has only been around for about one month and they have already taken the K-pop world by storm! Their first EP came out July 22 and they have already been breaking several records for a rookie group.

All four songs have been released as singles with music videos and performances promoted on music shows. Consequently, their songs have hit the top of the charts.topped As of August 15th, spots 1-4 of Spotify Korea's Top Daily Song Charts have been topped by their entire EP! And they aren't just popular on Korean charts! The group has charted with "Attention" and "Hype Boy" on the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. U.S. charts.

NewJeans have also already scored their first win on a music show! For K-pop idols, winning their first show is a big deal. Usually, idols work hard for years and break down into tears when they win. This barely month-old rookie group already winning a music award shows just how popular and talented they are! They won on a special summer episode of

!Countdown which showcased all the top songs of the year so far. Be sure to check out their winning speech above!

We are sure to keep hearing about these girls as they shoot to the top of the charts and win our hearts! Fans in Korea who are eager to get some merch for the show winners can head to their new pop-up shop at The Hyundai in Seoul from August 11 until August 31. They have several T-shirts, rings, phone cases, and more representing NewJeans and their label ADOR, a new sub-label of BTS's HYBE Corp. You can see some of their merch below!

Do you see anything you need to buy? How do you feel about these chart toppers? Let us know below!


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