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3 Reasons Why "Curtain Call" Should Be At The Top of Your Fall Lineup!

Gripping, emotional, and intriguing. The new KBS drama Curtain Call has captured our attention as one of the best dramas this fall! Driven by a star-studded cast including Kang Ha Neul (Insider 2022), Ha Ji Won (Chocolate 2020), and Ji Seung Hyun (Why Her? 2022), Curtain Call tells the story of an old defected North Korean woman, Ja Geum Soon (Ko Du Shim) who is separated from her husband and child. Many years later, as for her dying wish, she wants to be reunited with her North Korean grandson for the last time.

Kang Ha Neul plays Yoo Jae Heon, a down-and-out actor for local plays, but has the tremendous acting skill and ability. One day, he is approached by one of Ja Geum Soon's senior employees, Jung Sang Cheol (Sung Dong Il), to play her long-lost North Korean grandson for three months.

Here are three reasons why you should be watching Curtain Call!

1. Compelling storyline.

We've all seen Korean dramas that deal with North Korean families being separated or torn apart by war. But we have never seen a story where someone is asked to play a long-lost family member because of someone's dying wish.

Still from "Curtain Call" (KBS)
Still from "Curtain Call" (KBS)

The emotions of a family being torn apart during a war are always heart-gripping and sad, and this drama has hit it on the spot. Driven by emotional sadness and anger, the story of Ja Geum Soon defecting to South Korea and becoming the owner of the country's largest hotel chain is something to behold.

2. Family drama.

Not everyone is happy that grandma (Ja Geum Soon) has found her long-lost grandson. Her immediate family (filled with grandchildren) is torn between accepting their long-lost relative and welcoming a new member of the family during a company turmoil time that could affect their pockets. Half of her grandchildren question the timing of how Yoo Jae Heon suddenly appears when the company is in the middle of liquidation of their stock. This brings much suspicion and criticism within the family and creates many tense scenes!

Stills from "Curtain Call" (KBS)
Stills from "Curtain Call" (KBS)

3. Potential romance!

What is a good K-drama without some romance? Although it hasn't been proven, we can see the relationship between the closest grandchild, Park Se Yeon (Ha Ji Won) and Yoo Jae Heon! Since Park Se Yeon is very close to her grandmother and protective as well, she is bound to have many questions for Jae Heon. Although Jae Heon comes to his new "family" with an actress for a wife, we can see that Se Yeon will probably not fall for it and find out the truth soon enough!

"Curtain Call" poster (KBS)
"Curtain Call" poster (KBS)

What do you think about this drama? Do you think there is a potential romance between the two main leads? Let us know your thoughts!

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