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5 K-dramas we're looking forward to in 2024!

2023 is almost over! Bring on 2024 as we take a look at 5 Korean dramas that will give you the chills, get your adrenaline rushing, and make you swoon! Read on to find out the latest news on these K-dramas!

5. All of Us Are Dead 2

As we stated earlier this year, Netflix's All of Us Are Dead 2 is scheduled to release in late 2024! Filming will start at the beginning of next year so we should be expecting the second season to be released near the fall of 2024.

We can't wait for the release of the high school zombie survival series full of action and unexpected relationships to come to a fantastic finish!

4. Everything Will Come True

Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy are set to partner up in this fantasy rom-com drama! Kim Woo Bin plays an emotional genie that goes in and out of his lamp. Meanwhile, Ga Young (Bae Suzy), lacks emotion and is granted three wishes!

This drama looks like a good one as we finally see Bae Suzy in a more comedic role! We can't wait to see what this relationship has to offer!

3. Doctor Slump

Park Shin Hye is back with another drama! This time she plays an anesthesiolegist, Nam Ha Neul, who is a genius doctor but is living an unhappy life. She meets her medical school rival, Yeo Jung Woo (Park Hyung Sik), at the lowest point in her life and a romantic relationship blossoms between them!

Scheduled to be released on January 27, 2024, on JTBC, this romantic comedy surely got our attention and we can't wait for the laughs to begin!

2. Knight Flower

Premiering on January 12, 2024, former 2006 Miss Korea, Lee Ha Nee (Honey), stars in this historical action drama. Starring as a widow of 15 years, Jo Yeo Hwa, lives a quiet life during the day and rarely shows her face. But at night, Yeo Hwa dons an all-black outfit covering her face and helps those in need. This Robin Hood-esque drama piqued our attention as Lee Jong Won (The Golden Spoon 2022), co-stars in this action-packed drama!

1. Squid Game 2

Our most-anticipated drama of 2024 has got to be Squid Game 2! The Emmy award-winning global hit series finalized their cast during the summer and we can't wait for it to be released! The release date still hasn't been released so stay tuned for further details!

Although many fans have complained about how long this second season is taking for filming, we have to understand that a drama of this magnitude often takes over a year to shoot. We're pretty confident that whenever it releases, the second season will also take the world by storm! Hopefully, even better than season 1!

Let us know which of these K-dramas are you looking forward to the most! Are there any dramas we're missing? Comment below!


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