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5 K-pop Songs That Represent Self-love and Inner Peace!

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In the spirit of self-love and inner peace this month, let's talk about 5 K-pop songs that depict self-love!

BTS "Love Myself"

BTS "Love Myself" Album cover
BTS's "Love Myself" Album cover

BTS's "Love Myself" is definitely one that stood out from their album "Love Yourself: Answer". This song really brought out their emotional side. It is a mixture of Korean and English words and it definitely brings inner peace and self-love to every listener! Check it out!


F Hero "Self-love"

This song by F.hero, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Belkin talks about how to focus and love yourself. We love the vibes of the song because it has some rap which brought a different side to the usual melodic tones. 

Blackpink "Tally"

Blackpink's "Born Pink" Album cover
Blackpink's "Born Pink" Album cover

Blackpink delivered this song that talked about how people should be accepted for who they are. Although the song was definitely not emotional, we loved that aspect of it! It showed a different side to how the same message came to be delivered.

Shibong "Love Yourself"

Shibong's "Love Yourself" Cover photo
Shibong's "Love Yourself" Cover photo

Sibong told us to love ourselves like BTS and Justin Bieber told us to is what we really love about this song. We love the soft tone of the song and we hope you love it too!

BOL4 "To My Youth"

BOL4 : Playlist Photo
BOL4 : Playlist Photo

BOL4 cheered themselves up in this song and that's the energy we need for this week! The lyrics state they were not loved but they didn't give up on themselves! The positive energy from this song is definitely contagious!

Let us know if you love any of these songs! What songs would you recommend? 

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