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A2K Final Contestants Are Selected! Here's Who's Going to Korea!

The final America 2 Korea boot camp showcase has arrived and the final group of contestants prove their worth to go to Korea! We break down the last group's performance and see who is going to Korea!

Team Naekkeo (내꺼)

Continuing from the last episode of the Boot camp showcase, Team Naekkeo (내꺼 meaning "mine"), consisted of Kendal with 3 stones, Kaylee with 3 stones, Mischa with 1 stone, and Savanna with 3 stones. They performed ITZY's "Wannabe", but not without issues of their own. With only 48 hours to nail the choreography, Kaylee and Mischa struggled with the dance moves. Savanna shined by proving herself as a leader guiding her team with their grasp of the choreography. During vocal training, Kendall and Savanna struggled to use their "full voices" so how did they do during their showcase?

With only 48 hours to nail down a very difficult routine, it showed that Team Naekkeo needed more time to practice. Their choreography was not in sync, but individually, J.Y. Park stated that each member looked like they improved! Kendall was able to sing with her "full voice", Kaylee's voice was the "backbone" of the performance, Mischa showed that her dancing was not her strong point, but her vocals were, and Savanna got the highest praise for her much improved vocal performance!

Final Rankings Revealed!

After a grueling K-pop boot camp, the final rankings were revealed! Here's how they ranked!

#1 Camila Ribeaux Valdes

#2 Gina De Bosschere

#3 Cristina Lopez Sandiford

#4 Savanna Collins

#5 Kendall Ebeling

#6 Lexus Vang

#7 Kaylee Lee

#8 KG Crown

#9 Melissa Kadas

#10 Yuna Gonzalez

Out of the 11 contestants who participated in the final showcase, only Mischa was not selected to go to Korea.

What did you think about the final results? Do you think all 10 members will debut or will someone be left out? Let us know in the comments!


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