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A2K L.A. Bootcamp Begins! Surprising Stories Plus Who Made It!

After touring 5 cities in three weeks, J.Y. Park is ready to get down to some serious business! With only 11 contestants left from the first round, he's ready to make his next super girl group! Are these new trainees ready for K-pop boot camp? Let's find out who survived!

The girls looked nervous as J.Y. Park explained the criteria to move on to the next round, the final candidates will go to South Korea to prepare for their debut! During their L.A. boot camp, the girls needed to prove to JY Park that they belonged there! Here are the criteria for each girl in order to move on to the next round.

Each candidate needed to fill up their A2K pendant with four stones, each representing a competency. Each stone represented dance skills, vocals, star quality, and character. Three of the four competencies were evaluated individually and the fourth competency, character, was feedback from the trainers and the staff. Surprisingly, J.Y. Park didn't specify how many girls would go to Korea! In fact, if they all passed all four competencies, they could all go!

Dancing Queens!

In the first challenge, three contestants, Savanna, Camila, and Lexi took J.Y. Park's advice from regionals to heart as all three were stunning choreography! Especially Lexi who wanted to show J.Y. Park a different side from her ballet background, she decided to dance to Stray Kid's "God's Menu", and she killed it! Her strong precise movements and perfect timing made her performance the best from the episode! Even the other girls were awestruck by her powerful performance!

All three girls were able to get stones to add to their pendants! Let us know which performance blew you away! Comment below!


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