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America get ready to make your "K-pop Dreams" come true! New reality show coming this year!

Get ready America, get ready to make your K-pop idol dreams come true, as the popular K-pop Dreams show will launch this year state side! We give you the details on this new reality program and what to expect!


A K-pop reality show will be launched in the U.S. through a partnership between Titan Content, a US-based K-pop company and the entertainment studio The Gurin Company.

This means for all the K-pop lovers stateside will get the chance to make their K-dreams come true! The grueling audition process will see applicants audition for a chance to be in the show, as well as a chance to showcase their talents to the world!

The K-pop show titled "K-pop Dreams" will be a 10-episode reality show that includes Korean fashion, Korean beauty, and Korean dance as well as appearance for the next K-pop stars who want to realize their “American K-pop dream,” Titan stated in a recent interview.

Photo: YouTube

The show will provide audition, training and debut opportunities to would-be K-pop idols in the U.S., which is a fantastic opportunity with the Korean wave that is still sweeping the world!

It has also been confirmed that the auditioning and airing of the show will begin this year. So keep your eyes peeled for a chance to take part in this fantastic opportunity! Auditions for the U.S. and Canada have just closed, but there are still opportunities in Australia and Asia! Click here for more information on the audition schedule!

K-pop Dreams have also previously launched a musical, which can be seen in the video below!

“This collaboration is not simply a talent search, it is about showing the audience the real K-pop lifestyle, and how we work together to make the dreams of numerous future K-pop star wannabes come true in a way never seen before," said Titan.

We think this is a great opportunity for U.S. fans of K-pop to come together and showcase their skills and love of Korean music, beauty and culture!

Choreographer and CEO of 1MILLION Dance Studio Lia Kim (Lia Kim's Instagram)
Choreographer and CEO of 1MILLION Dance Studio Lia Kim (Lia Kim's Instagram)

Legendary choreographer and co-founder and co-CEO of 1MILLION Dance Studio, Lia Kim, serves as Titan Content's Chief Performance Officer along with other well-known K-pop celebrities.

Let us know in the comments below, if you will be auditioning for the show, or know someone that will be! We'll be cheering for you!


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