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6 of the HOTTEST trending brands in South Korea you should be aware of!

We're excited to take you on a fascinating journey through the dynamic world of South Korean innovation, beauty, and fashion! We will look at the unique fusion of tradition and innovation that makes South Korea's fashion and beauty industry stand out!

Blackpink's Jennie collaborated with Tamburins, a local Korean brand
Blackpink's Jennie collaborated with Tamburins, a local Korean perfume brand

We also share six notable businesses that each represent a distinctive facet and explore the essence of contemporary South Korean aesthetics and lifestyle, from fashion-forward clothing companies that reinvent trends to alluring perfume companies that evoke feelings in elegant stationery items. Get ready to immerse yourself in a tapestry of style and beauty that captures the spirit and advancement of a nation that is deeply rooted in history yet always pushing the envelope!


1. Nieeh

Location — 51 Daesagwan-ro 11-gel, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Despite its young origin, Nieeh has quickly carved out a distinct personality for itself within the fashion sector. With a focus on unrestricted creativity, the brand encourages its makers and designers to create clothing free of constraints and limits.

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung sporting a Nieeh outfit (@hyori_sunie Twitter)
Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung sporting a Nieeh outfit (@hyori_sunie Twitter)

Their varied product selection includes hoodies, shirts, bottoms, nightwear, and bags, demonstrating their ability to adapt. Renowned K-pop stars like Blackpink's Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo, Stray Kids' Bangchan, and former Girls'Generation (SNSD) member Jessica Jung have all been spotted wearing Nieeh's trendy outfits! Though not cheap, the company maintains an acceptable price point given its level of quality and craftsmanship.

2. Matin Kim

Location — 14530, 24-33, Achasan-ro 5-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Matin Kim, founded in 2017 by Dain Kim, is a famous company that promotes the growth of a trendy and comfortable culture that is effortlessly adaptable to one's daily life. Matin Kim is a leading brand in South Korea, embodying the country's current fashion trends. Casual wear is popular among the general public, and Matin Kim expertly blends streetwear with comfort, catering to its clients with a mix of fashionable and comfy apparel!


3. NyuNyu

Location – 34 Majang-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

NyuNyu is a well-known wholesale center in Seoul, known for its spacious three-story facility containing a wide range of fashion-related merchandise. The assortment includes stylish bags, wallets, hats, watches, claw clips, and different apparel items, but it is most known for its extraordinarily low-priced jewelry. Silver-plated jewelry is accessible on the bottom floor but at a somewhat higher price. The upper two levels, on the other hand, include a large selection of chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, and many other accessories.

The NyuNyu store in Seoul has so much to choose from! (
The NyuNyu store in Seoul has so much to choose from! (

A visit to NyuNyu is frequently a time-consuming event, with most visitors devoting at least an hour to perusing the wide options. The store is extremely popular with travelers, frequently attracting a lively crowd of visitors from all over the world!

4. The Plain

Location — 30 Myeongdong 4-Gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Myeongdong is Korea's famous shopping and fashion district, bringing a steady flow of travelers excited to make their way through its crowded streets in search of the newest trends in clothing and cosmetics! The place is dotted with an exciting choice of street food options, and at its core is the famous jewelry shop, The Plain.

Walls upon walls of accessories galore!  The Plain is a must-visit! (Naver blog)
Walls upon walls of accessories galore! The Plain is a must-visit! (Naver blog)

This store, in keeping with the character of a traditional jewelry store, offers a whole load of accessories, but it is mainly famous for its huge selection of earrings. A large selection of earrings takes center stage, adorning all four walls of the store, a good amount of which duplicates high-end jewelry worn by actresses in well-known Korean dramas. A visit to this store is an absolute must since it provides guests with the option to purchase quality earrings at an affordable rate!


5. Matthew Chang

Location — 685-431 Seongsu- Dong 1(il)ga, Seongdong- gu, Seoul

Matthew Jang states that it “invites scent lovers to go on a journey through the enchanted realm of blooms”. This house focuses on the delicate scent of flowers. The brand takes pleasure in offering wearable scents that seamlessly follow people on their everyday adventures while being light and user-friendly. These scents are deliberately crafted to enhance and increase one's natural aroma rather than conceal it. As of now, the brand has produced three perfumes. Check out our personal experience below!

6. Tamburins

Location — 44 Apgujeong-ro, 10- gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Tamburins, a prominent skincare and lifestyle brand in South Korea, gained even more popularity after collaborating with Jennie from Blackpink! Tamburin’s journey into scent provides an exciting variety of perfumes ranging from delicate flower notes to deep, woody undertones. These scents follow the "less is more" idea. Each bottle reflects the brand's attention to excellence and at the same time the art of subtlety, upgrading the wearer's daily routines. Among their perfumes, 'Chamo' is the most popular one and it is a must for all perfume lovers to give this brand a shot if they plan on visiting Seoul!

Blackpink's Jennie posing with Tamburin's most popular purfume 'Chamo' (
Blackpink's Jennie posing with Tamburin's most popular purfume 'Chamo' (

So there are our top six brands you should definitely be aware of next time you're in Seoul for a fashion/accessory shopping haul! Let us know if you have tried any of these brands and whether you liked it or not! Share your favorite Korean brands with us! Comment below!


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