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JYP Heads To America For His Next Girl Group! [A2K Project]

Move over American Idol, JYP is taking over the United States! Dropping their first episode of "A2K", JYP Entertainment released their first episode of finding their next girl group consisting of just Westerners! Let's take a deeper look into this new reality series and potential girl group candidates!

J.Y. Park is on a new mission! His dream of extending overseas way out west to find the next girl group made of Americans! The goal is to tour five cities Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, and find the best candidates for singing and dancing to come back to Korea for a chance to debut as a K-pop group!

In collaboration with one of the top record labels in the world Republic Records, JYP Entertainment is aiming to take over the globe one K-pop group at a time! In the first episode, performers from two cities, Dallas and Chicago showed out! Only a select few contestants were shown their stories and many showed promise!

Here are the candidates so far!

Camila Ribeaux Valdes (Canada)

Camila dropped studying to be a nurse in order to be a K-pop idol! Her talented vocals were so good that J.Y. Park couldn't help but be get excited to work with her already! With the addition of her gorgeous looks, she shouldn't have a problem moving on to the next few rounds!

Kendall Ebling (Texas)

Kendall quickly caught the attention of the JYP staff with her entrance as her cuteness was just too much! The 16-year-old has experience performing in Korea already through a dance academy. Although her audition was a bit rough, J.Y. Park encouraged her to practice her dancing to be more precise and crisp.

Lexus Vang (Wisconsin)

16-year-old Lexus quickly impressed J.Y. Park with her soothing voice although it was her first time singing in front of an audience! With her ballerina background for 12 years, we couldn't help but be blown away by her dance audition! J.Y. Park applauded her precise "lines" during her choreography and seemed excited to help her move on to the next round!

So which performer did you this is the best fit for JYP's new girl group? Let us know your bias in the comments below!


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