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An Unexpected Death & A Wonderful Kiss in the Latest Episode of "The Golden Spoon"!

The webtoon fantasy-inspired drama The Golden Spoon that premiered on MBC TV on September 23 took an unexpected turn in the latest episode (episode 6 aired on October 8)! The fantasy-romance drama featuring Yook Sung Jae from K-pop boy group BtoB shocked viewers with the death of Na Joo Hee's (played by Jung Chae Yeon from I.O.I.) father. Here's all the details to keep you up to speed!

Stills from "The Golden Spoon" episode 6 (MBC TV)
Stills from "The Golden Spoon" episode 6 (MBC TV)

What led to this?

Due to the incompetence of Na Joo Hee's older brothers and father, Na Sang Guk, entrusting his sons to his television company, UBS TV, the company has fallen on hard times and is in the need of more investment from Hwang Tae Yong's (Lee Jong Won Hospital Playlist 2 2021) conglomerate father, Hwang Hyeon Do.

Prior to his death, earlier that day, Hwang Tae Yong visits Joo Hee's father to clarify what happened during a school shooting in the U.S. 6 years ago. During the conversation, Na Sang Guk reveals that Tae Yong actually killed his fellow classmates and his father covered up the whole incident involving Na Sang Guk. Tae Yong leaves with this information and is shocked to hear the following morning that Na Sang Guk passed away during the night from his father.

What happened to the lead cast?

With his life back to normal, Lee Seung Cheon is back with his family living in poverty and working for his classmate, Oh Yeo Jin's (Yeonwoo former member of Momoland), father. He tries to live a normal life working at the convenience store again and takes a stab at day trading. One day, his friends run into the convenience store and tell him that his stocks took a hit and he loses all his money. Seung Cheon is devastated as he vows to become Tae Yong again, once he finds his golden spoon from Yeo Jin. Seung Cheon reconciles with Joo Hee and professes his feeling for her in a wonderful scene that took our breaths away!

Our Thoughts

Episodes 5 and 6 have us on a rollercoaster of emotions as we feel bad for Tae Yong and his anxiety disorder which could be attributed to the pressure from his successful father. We're definitely rooting for Seung Cheon and Joo Hee to get back together and are happy for them, except at the end of episode 6, Seung Cheon has once again assumed the life of Tae Yong due to his family's poverty.

Let us know your thoughts about this wonderful drama! Are you excited about the next episode?


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