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Bae Suzy is back with new Netflix romcom "Doona!"

Bae Suzy is back with a brand new romantic comedy Doona! We break down what to expect from this new mini-series from Netflix!

Bae Suzy as Lee Doona in new Netflix drama "Doona!" (Netflix)
Bae Suzy as Lee Doona in new Netflix drama "Doona!" (Netflix)

After receiving the Best Actress award at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 for her role in Anna, former idol-turned-actress Bae Suzy is back with a brand new drama! Based on the webtoon with the same name, Doona! is the perfect role for Suzy, who was also a former member of the K-pop girl group Miss A as the romantic comedy tells the tale of Lee Doona, the former lead singer for an idol girl group, Dream Sweet, who suddenly announces her retirement.

Premiering on Friday, October 20, 2023, Doona! will be exclusively streaming on Netflix. Doona, after stating her retirement, lives life as a recluse and rarely goes out of her house. Lee Won Joon (Yang Se Jong Dr. Romantic 2 2020) is an ordinary university student. He begins living in the same share house as Doona and sparks start to fly between them! Check out the sweet behind-the-scenes footage of Bae Suzy!

What to expect!

After a stunning performance by what we considered to be the most challenging of her career so far in Anna, we anticipate that Bae Suzy will give a stunning and mesmerizing performance in Doona! We feel that Doona! will show a cuter, more like herself in real life, Bae Suzy than Anna did so this drama will "hit more home" than her previous role. Being an ex-idol herself, Suzy is the perfect fit for her character in this drama and we can't wait to see how she can make this role her own!

Let us know your thoughts on Bae Suzy's new drama! Comment below!


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