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BOL4 is back with a dazzling summer banger "Lips" feat. Aespa's Giselle!

BOL4 is back with an M/V teaser for their new single "Lips" featuring Aespa's Giselle! Here are all the details you need to know!

With not much time before the release date of June 13, 2024, the music video teaser was released worldwide, leaving fans not much time to get hyped about the new release.

Let's check out the teaser!

In the second teaser, BOL4 relaxes by the pool as she enjoys the summer sun. "Lips" featuring Aespa's Giselle is the singer's upcoming ninth digital single. Of course, she had also released teaser video 1, which can be found on the link below!

For me, the first teaser wasn't as engaging as the second one mainly as I enjoyed the relaxed pool vibe the second one offered. However, in the first teaser, I enjoyed the chilled-out beat and the introduction where she was walking through the woods on what appeared to be a beautiful spring day, ending with a pan-out shot of the singer in a field. It reminded me of when I was younger being able to enjoy the outdoors a lot more.

Now, let's check out the full music video!

When I first watched the video, I was taken away a bit by how well I connected with the song's theme both visually and lyrically. So I had to listen and watch the video again. Despite the trailers' promotion, I think the full video edition was much better. I though that the collaboration of artists worked well, and I think that the release of the video and single now is just in time for the summer concert season! This song will for sure be added to my summer 2024 playlist. Will you add it to yours?

Let us know your thoughts on the new music video in the comments below!


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