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BTS New Collaboration "BTS + Snickers = ?"

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

If you aren't a BTS fan or if you're just a new BTS ARMYs, you might be surprised to know that BTS has collaborated with the Snickers chocolate candy bar!

BTS x Snickers collaboration

Is it a real collaboration?

Netizens are going crazy for the BTS x Snickers collaboration. Recently, some tweets and posts on the internet have aroused everyone’s curiosity.

But if you're a real BTS ARMY, who have known BTS for many years, you won't be surprised by this news!

J-Hope in Fake Love MV / 2018

After BTS published FAKE LOVE mv in 2018, some fans started interpreting it and trying to understand its clips, and they started replying to each other on Twitter. Each of them trying to explain to others what they understood.

BTS Fake Love 2018

One fan tweeted :

"a number of people he let into his life, he trusted, but who eventually broke his heart the way his mom did. +"

Fake Love 2018

It was so heartbreaking .. and the scene was very if Snickers candy reminded him of his painful memories...but...with BTS' collaboration with Snickers...what is the symbol of Snickers now? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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