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BTS Or TXT? Jimin:"I'm not taking her from you!"

BTS or TXT? (Jimin & Felix)! Fans of both BTS and Stray Kids have been enjoying the indirect interactions between the two groups lately, but what happened?!

On March 26, 2023, BTS Jimin appeared in a PIXID interview, and it was following the release of his first solo album release, "FACE". The show revolves around the concept of finding the imposter among the crowd of provincial fans, which Jimin was the imposter. Especially since participants can only communicate through text, it makes the job harder because they can't see or hear each other.

Jimin on the Pixid YouTube channel:

Usually, the K-pop idols who appear on the show are given a concept by PIXID to adopt as they hide themselves during the search for the imposter.

In this episode, Jimin of BTS in the teaser of the next PIXID episode pretended to be a MOARMY and mentioned TXT!

That fan putting that big smile on Jimin's face was the best and fans were hoping that Jin read him too.

After watching this, a Twitter user commented:

Jiminie! It was so much fun to watch this I wish we stay together like this forever ok? And don't worry we will never leave you no matter what.

But what caused the user to say that? Let’s continue with the full story!

Although there were many people in the conversation, the person who attracted Jimin's attention the most was the STAY who previously liked BTS but changed her crush to another K-pop group.

She struggled to get her answer out and how to describe Felix's deep singing voice. Addressing Felix by his Korean name, Yongbok (the STAY), managed to type her feelings, all while Jimin was cracking up in the next booth!

When Jimin finally revealed his identity to the group, "Province Void" was in shock, covering her face and stumbling over her words when Jimin asked:

“Were you Province? Yongbok, right?”

Jimin was also having a cute Interaction when he met the STAY who was an ARMY but she changed her interest to TXT and her bias was Felix, so Jimin said :

Yongbok-nim! I’m not taking her from you… She left home so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.

Eventually, she tried to get out the words,

“You were my first concert,”

revealing that before she was a STAY, she was a fan of BTS! Telling Jimin that he was her first crush in an undirected way!

She seemed embarrassed by this situation, but what could be better than two of the biggest boy groups around battling for their fanship?!

Jimin In PIXID was having the Purest and the Sweetest Interaction With People.

After that, On March 30, on the official Stray Kids TikTok account, TXT Felix posted an update about his response to BTS Jimin, and it was a video message with the caption ("Yongbok-ie" I’m Felix.), and the video’s content was that Felix was doing Jimin’s “Like Crazy” dance challenge!

He talked about this in an interview with ELLE Korea, and that wasn’t the only interaction, Felix talked about his relationship with Jimin, revealing that he was totally surprised to see Jimin the BTS member mention him and that he was very excited and pleased afterward, and he admitted that he was feeling "so touched" that Jimin mentioned his name.

Fans went wild for this moment, leaving over 90 thousand comments, both complimenting Felix and looking forward to seeing a collaboration between the two!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Stray Kids or BTS? Let us know in the comments below!


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