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Jimin’s Travel Essential: “My Money, My Purchase”

Hey, fellow spring breakers and professional job-escape artists! It's pre-summer travel season and this is a friendly reminder to check your travel bag essentials!

Let's make sure you're well prepared to attend all the K-pop concert destinations this year or wherever your next flight lands. We can all learn from our K-pop idols and Jimin from BTS shared his travel must-have a couple of days ago during an interview in New York City with Vogue. Jimin is a frequent global traveler and his interview reminds us to not forget this one essential item!

Who doesn't love the freedom feeling of traveling and exploring? But don't forget to pay attention to your skin! Jimin recently shared that he always travels with a face mask because his skin gets dry during travel. Simple but extremely essential to skin care. This one essential item could save your skin.

Jimin keeps is skin flawless with his face mask during long flights
Jimin keeps is skin flawless with his face mask during long flights

Due to the plane's high altitude, your skin gets dehydrated because of decreased moisture in the air. Humidity in an airplane cabin in-fight is below 20%. Many people are used to a humidity level above 30%. Your face will tighten as it loses moisture and could feel itchy.

During the Vogue interview, Jimin shares what looks like Mediheal's Tea Tree facemask.

Did you share this because your album is called "FACE" ???

Our Jimin confirms that he was not getting paid to share his travel tip and said,

"내 돈, 내 구매" or "My money, my purchase".

"My money, my purchase"

You're right Jimin, in more ways than one! First, please buy whatever you want. Also, yes, moisturizing your skin well when traveling is necessary. A good face mask or sheet during or after your flight will help get moisture back into your skin. Any face mask or sheet will work. As for me, I'll just get what Jimin's having just in case. It doesn't take a lot of space and it could save your FACE!

Does your travel bag already have a face mask? What face mask will you use when you travel?

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