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Rap Monster Battles Complacency & Inspires Others To Find Their Creativity [Vogue Photoshoot]

BTS ARMY can continue to feel inspired and cheer on their favorite group as Rap Monster aka Kim Nam Joon nervously answers Vogue Korea's questions during his first personal photoshoot at the Korean Furniture Museum! Let's take a look at what Rap Monster said and how his amazing photos turned out!

Posing in front of Korea's Furniture Museum located in the luxurious northern hills of Seoul, Rap Monster slouches on a wooden chair in front of a dark blue painted background in front of a pavilion where scholars during the Joseon Dynasty lived in secluded nature and achieved spiritual cultivation. He seems calm and collected as he answers Vogue Korea's questions!

When asked about his creative process, RM states that in his newest album, "Indigo", he worked with many different artists and was forced to be creative out of his comfort zone of working with only his other BTS bandmates.

"I think we should look at life from various angles and fill up our daily pages faithfully and densely. You have to be faithful to your life and to play, so you can work and create well. I try not to forget that creation is only a job after all."

- Rap Monster

When asked about his fashion style, RM laughed and said that his fashion sense has changed a lot and he tries not to think about it too much. He's always thought about fashion to be a kind of attitude or posture.

Nam Joon has always expressed his support and love for Korean art and sculpture. He hopes that the younger generation, like himself, we come to find interest in modern or contemporary Korean art.

Nam Joon also expresses his deep thoughts about the overwhelming amount of information in the media today. He says, "When I see people who are still open to new things in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, I am in awe. In the era of "over information," it's an era when you're just 30 years old and tend to become a young old man." We really love that Nam Joon is aware of his flaws and tends to look inward to always improve himself!

When asked about his social life, Nam Joon admits that he's lived a very narrow and closed life until the middle of last year. These days, he enjoys bumping into new people, making friends, and working on music.

We love this intimate interview with Vogue that really expresses how Rap Monster feels and his current mental state. You can read the whole interview and see his amazing photos on the Vogue Korea website!

What do you think about Nam Joon's maturity? Have you thought about looking inward and seeing what flaws you might have and what you might need to do in order to change? Let us know in the comments below!

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