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BTS's SUGA Becomes Valentino's New Global Ambassador!

Another BTS member has joined the ranks of the luxury fashion industry! Newly named SUGA is the new Brand Ambassador for Valentino! Last week, fellow group member, Jimin, was named the global ambassador for Dior as well.

SUGA was chosen for his "authenticity, creativity and empathy" as he reflects the values of the Maison, "speaking to a generation through his contemporary ideals.​" Let's take a look at SUGA unveiling the new Maison Valentino Essentials line!

All eyes are on SUGA as he represents the new line of essentials by Valentino's other famous brand ambassadors called the DI.VAs, which stands for Different Values. He joins seven-time Formula-1 world champion Lewis Hamilton as a global ambassador.

SUGA was caught head-to-toe in Valentino attire at Incheon Airport yesterday!

SUGA looks so good in new Valentino Essentials gear! What do you think? How does he look?

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Suga is the greatest, fighting

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