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Busan to open the first K-Pop high school by 2028! We got the details!

The Korean coastal city of Busan has announced that it will open a K-pop high school by 2028, and we cannot wait! Read on to find out more details about this first-of-its-kind educational system!

Photo for illustrative purposes. | CNN
Photo for illustrative purposes. | CNN

With Korea's low birth rate, and many schools closing down throughout the country, the government in Busan has set its sights on regenerating a closed-down middle school and turning it into a K-Pop high school by March 2028. This means that the high school will focus on specialties relating to K-pop and Korean entertainment, to bring more K-pop-related performances to the southern part of the country.

This international K-pop high school will aim to target a wider and more diverse student body. The school will also cater to both Korean and foreign students who are interested in pursuing a career in K-Pop! The new "K-Culture Visa" which is set to come out in the second half of 2024, also shows the support from the Korean government in Korean entertainment.

The Busan Metropolitan City Office stated, "K-pop-related industries continue to grow but we lack educational institutions specialized in education on applied arts related to K-pop, plus implementation of a curriculum related to schools specializing in practical arts education to foster K-pop talent is growingly needed."

Dance Studio - Photo: Pintrest
Dance Studio - Photo: Pinterest

While exact details are yet to be announced, the focus is on delivering a holistic K-pop education. Students at the school will focus on vocal training, dance, songwriting, and composing. The school will also help students sign up with agencies when they are due to graduate from the school.

Let us know your opinion about the Korean government's decision on Busan's K-Pop school! Will you be attending?


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