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Check Out Jennie's New Ride! 'JennieRubyJane' and Porsche X Sonderwunsch Collaboration!

Jennie in her Porche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo (Porche)
Jennie in her Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo (Porsche)

Attention all car fanatics out there! BLACKPINK's Jennie has just launched her own car! The singer posted on her Instagram account that her brand "JennieRubyJane" has collaborated with Porsche and Sonderwunsch. Here's what Jennie said in her post!

"Something about clouds I've always been drawn to and it was my inspiration for this car. I wanted something simple with a touch of my taste inside and my Porsche team really executed exactly how I imagined ☁️ Thank you for this dream experience, now time for me to drive through the clouds in my car"

Porsche has launched a new customizable scheme Sonderwunsch that lets owners design their own dream car. The word "sonderwunsch" translates to 'special wish' and gives car enthusiasts the option to customize each part of the vehicle including 3D-printed bucket seats to match the owner's body!

Jennie opted for the beautiful Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo model with custom trim 'JennieRubyJane' on the seat headrests and decals around the car! With the addition of baby blue accents on the wheels and decals, we can say Jennie did an amazing job with the design!

Jennie's nickname 'Nini' is also engraved into the car! (Porsche)
Jennie's nickname 'Nini' is also engraved into the car! (Porsche)

What do you think about Jennie's new car? We think she did an amazing job! Let us know!

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