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Denver and Mi Seon Heat Up The Screen In "Money Heist Korea Part 2"!

Although Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Part 2 leaves a lot to be desired, according to our review, there are some really interesting sub-plots that has us wondering if there will ever be a third season. Part two of the 12 - episode Netflix series presents some steaming hot relationship scenes that you can't miss!

After reviewing the first part of the first season, Money Heist: Korea Part 2 definitely picks up with the action and relationships between the characters thicken compared to Part 1. We were more drawn to the storyline since the relationship between The Professor (Yoo Ji Tae) and Seon Woo Jin (Kim Yun Jin) hit a snag when Woo Jin begins to put the pieces together and finds out that The Professor isn't who he says he is and starts to doubt his motives.

But more interestingly, the second main relationship in Part 2 focuses on Denver (Kim Ji Hoon) and Yun Mi Seon (Lee Joo Bin) and their steaming romantic scenes!

The two engage in a very sexy hot scene where Denver tells Mi Seon to get out while she can as a hostage and forget about him. Mi Seon has been developing feelings for Denver throughout the entire week she's been trapped in the Mint with him. Denver's father, Moscow, regrets his son's decision to be with her when we find out that Moscow was in a similar situation with Denver's mother, citing it as "Stokholm syndrom". It's hard not to get teary-eyed when we watch a father's love for his son unfold in Part 2, the acting is worth a watch!

Denver really shows his emotions and feelings toward Mi Seon in Part 2 as he struggles with his feelings to save her. He gets feedback from the rest of the crew, but ultimately gives in to his true feelings for her. The two also seem to be hitting it off off-screen as well!

The two have sparked fans going crazy creating wonderful videos of the two' on-screen relationship! Take a look!

What are your thoughts about this couple? Are you rooting for them? Let us know!


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