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Does YoonA Have Cancer? We Break Down "Big Mouth" Episode 14!

MBC's hit series Big Mouth has been trending as one of the top K-dramas this fall and there's a big reason why! The newest episode has us guessing which side the characters are on as there are tons of betrayals and backstabbing going on! Plus, YoonA's character Ko Mi Ho might have cancer. Stick around, let's break down episode 14!

Contains spoilers!

With all the big players in Chairman Kang's office, Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) strikes a deal by making up a story about how the new Big Mouse held his family hostage and is using blackmail to get him closer to Chairman Kang. He also reveals that the new Big Mouse knows of Chairman Kang's history of using the secret lab and NK Chemicals by giving him a list of executives from Big Mouse's organization. In return for this information, Chang Ho asks the Chairman to make him mayor.

Chang Ho, as a double agent, will find the identity of the new Big Mouse. The Chairman invites Chang Ho and Mi Ho to his 85th birthday party.

Meanwhile, Mi Ho visits Tak Kwang Yeon, the death row inmate, in prison. He asks about her condition and whether she is experiencing any nosebleeds or bleeding gums after her rescuing him from the underground prison facility. Mi Ho ignores his question and Kwang Yeon asks her to check if his mother has received a bone marrow transplant.

Mi Ho visits Kwang Yeon's brother and sister to ask about their mother's transplant only to be received with hostility. Kwang Yeon's sister finally reveals that their mother has passed away.

We finally get to see the true identity of Mayor Choi when he sets up a meeting with ex-prison warden Park Yoon Gab. Mayor Choi strikes a deal with Yoon Gab to kill Chang Ho in exchange for lifetime support as a politician.

Mi Ho and her father visit an old man at the nursing home to ask about the children in the photo. After a while, it is revealed that Mayor Choi has assumed the identity of his dead brother to get closer to Chairman Kang for revenge.

During Chairman Kang's birthday party, Mayor Choi recluses himself to a private room to witness the killing of Chang Ho by Yoon Gab. Through a streaming video, the mayor witnesses Yoon Gab shoot Chang Ho in the chest. Jerry, while tailing Yoon Gab earlier, gets caught by his men and is stuffed inside the trunk of the car outside the killer area. He eventually escapes the trunk and witnesses Yoon Gab shoot Chang Ho in the chest. He immediately calls Mi Ho about the devastating news. Assuming Chang Ho is dead, Mayor Choi gets in a car with a hysterical Mi Ho following him accusing him of killing her husband. He laughs and drives off to the killing site.

At the killing site, Yoon Gab tells Mayor Choi that he has already incinerated Chang Ho's body. He also states that he knows that Mayor Choi is actually Cho Sung Hyun and that he knows the mayor has taken the identity of his dead brother. Meanwhile, during their conversation, a live streaming video relays the footage to a watching and alive Chang Ho and Chairman Kang! The chairman promises Chang Ho that he will get everything he wants as part of their deal.

Chang Ho goes to the hospital where Mi Ho has been sent since finding out he was "dead" to let them know he is all right.

Later that night, while the chairman is being pushed outside of his home by his secretary, he spills his guilt of killing his only friend because of his "love for his country" as his only regret. He does not realize that his secretary is secretly replaced by Mayor Choi. After overhearing what the chairman confessed, Mayor Choi tells him that it is too late for forgiveness and kills the chairman via the saline pouch attached to his wheelchair giving the chairman a heart attack. Mayor Choi and the chairman's secretary then take the chairman inside the house to pay the secretary for his betrayal.

Finally, at the end of the episode, Chang Ho reveals himself alive to Mayor Choi at Chairman Kang's funeral. He reveals to the mayor that he knows his secret and is willing to spill it to the public.

And to the ending climax, while Mi Ho is brushing her teeth, she finds blood on the toothbrush and gets a nosebleed!

Our thoughts!

Another amazing episode filled with twists and turns as Big Mouse delivers a shocking gripping episode! Let us know your thoughts on how this series is turning out for you! Do you think Mi Ho has cancer?


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