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EASY Korean Phrases You MUST KNOW Before Planning Your Trip to South Korea! [Less than 10 min.!]

Do you want to go to Korea? Or are you planning to travel to Korea ? Then you're reading the right article! We'll teach you basic phrases you need to know before buying a plane ticket!

Today we're going to teach you some important things to know in Korean if you're going to visit Korea. Are you ready? LETS START!

First of all, if you're going to Korea you should buy a ticket, taking an airplane and choose the places that you're going to visit.

● 여권 (yokkwon) : Passport

● 표 (pyo) : Ticket

● 관광 (gwangwang) : Tourism

● 비행기 (bihaenggi) : airplane

● 여행 (yohaeng) : travel

After arriving in Korea, while walking in the streets you can find many places around you, so to make it a little easy to find your destination easily you should learn the places names, here you are some of them:

● 가게 (gage) : shop, store

● 대학교 (daehakkkyo) : a college, a university

● 학교 (hakkkyo) : school

● 병원 (byongwon) : hospital, clinic

● 약국 (yakkkuk) : pharmacy

● 박물관 (bangmulgwan) : Museum

Oh, we missed an important thing! An important thing that you will find a lot in Korea especially in Seoul! It's the Korean temples!

사원 (sawon) : temple

● Exemples to use it in Korea :

☆ I didn’t go into the temple. I only saw it from the outside.

나는 그 사원 안에는 들어가지 않았다. 밖에서 보기만 했다.

☆ If you go to the temple, you can find an ancient monument.

사원으로 가면 고대 기념물을 찾을 수 있다.

☆ Many people go to the temple to worship on this special day.

이런 특별한 날에는 많은 사람들이 절에 불공을 드리러 갑니다.

● Here is a little quiz after this lesson :

How to say those words in Korean :

Garden : _________

Ticket : __________

Temple : _________

Tourist : __________

Park : __________

Hospital : _________

University : ________

Store : ________

Pharmacy : _________

Museum : ________

Test yourself and let us know what did you get as a score If every word has a one point, what did you get from 10!?

If you had a note more than 8 then you're are fine you should just revise the words! But if it's less than 8 then I advice you to learn them repeatedly 3 times per day to memorize them quickly!

Once you're in Korea, make sure to check out our favorite cafes, malls, and places to visit!

See you next time!


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