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[Events] Dazzling Delights of Seoul: A Guide to Ongoing Visual Festivals!

Seoul, a city that never sleeps, transforms into a mesmerizing canvas during its ongoing visual festivals, treating residents and visitors alike to a feast for the eyes. The best part? Many of these events are not just captivating but also budget-friendly, ensuring everyone can indulge in the visual delights. Here's a roundup of the top ongoing visual festivals and events in Seoul that promise to leave you in awe!

1. 2024 Delight Seoul (Until 30th April)

Embark on a journey through time as the 2024 Delight Seoul exhibition reinterprets the past and envisions the future of this vibrant city. Priced at a reasonable 10,000 KRW (USD 8.00), this showcase is a steal for the visual narratives it weaves. Dive into the Seoul experience on their [official website] (

2. 2023 Seoul Lantern Festival (Open till 21st Jan)

Illuminate your nights at the 2023 Seoul Lantern Festival, now expanded to Gwanghwamun Square, Cheonggye Square, and Seoul Square. The enchanting glow of lanterns creates a magical ambiance. Hurry, as this visual extravaganza concludes on January 21st. Explore more on their [official website] (

3. Light Festa in Songhyeon

Step into a world of enchantment at the Light Festa in Songhyeon, where a romantic forest of lights awaits in the heart of Seoul. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing glow of this artistic spectacle. Discover more about this visual wonderland on their [official website] (

4. 2023 Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink

Experience the magic of winter at the 2023 Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink, located in front of City Hall. This visual treat features go-bo lights and sound balls, turning the rink into a kaleidoscope of colors. At just 1,000 won per hour (including helmet and skate rental), it's an affordable winter activity. Glide into more details on their [official website] (

Seoul beckons you to fill your winter days with these "wow" moments. Whether you're strolling through a reimagined Seoul, basking in lantern glow, wandering through a forest of lights, or gracefully gliding on ice, these ongoing visual festivals are your ticket to an unforgettable winter in the heart of South Korea. Embrace the magic, capture the moments, and let Seoul's visual wonders leave an indelible mark on your soul.


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